What Are Connects On Upwork?

what are connects on upwork?
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Upwork is a freelancing platform that helps individuals and small businesses connect with freelancers from around the world.

Similar to sites like Fiverr and Guru, freelancers on Upwork can find a ton of projects that match their expertise.

Some popular services on Upwork include logo design, web development, and digital marketing.

What are Connects on Upwork?

Connects are credits that freelancers use to bid on projects. Each Connect is worth one bid, and when a project is successfully completed, the Connects are refunded back to the freelancer’s account.

There is a cost associated with each Connect – new users get 60 free Connects but must purchase additional Connects in order to submit bids for additional projects.

The cost of Connects varies from $0.15 – $1 depending on the number purchased at once.

Connects serve as a way for Upwork to verify that only serious freelancers are bidding, and it also serves as a tool for managing the budget of each project.

Upwork Connects are an essential part of any freelancer’s journey on Upwork and should be taken seriously since they can determine how successful a freelancer’s bidding experience is.

With the right strategy, freelancers can ensure that they have enough Connects to bid on suitable projects and potentially land lucrative projects.

How do Connects work on Upwork?

what are connects on upwork?

Upwork computes the cost of a bid between 1 and 6 “connects” depending on several factors when clients submit their project.

These elements may comprise the customer’s Upwork history, if they have set money aside for the job, how extensive or small-scale it is, and its total price.

You can expect that the reliable and high-paying clients require five to six connects.

On the other hand, those less credible customers along with smaller jobs only take one or two connects at most.

Before you begin bidding for any project, make sure you have the required amount of connects.

Once that is complete, just follow through with bid submission as usual and start working on your new job.

Share your project rate, either hourly or according to the milestones accomplished.

Demonstrate your qualifications and expertise that are relevant for this particular assignment.

Do not forget to answer any job-specific queries in the client’s description section before submitting your proposal.

When you submit your bid, we will deduct the number of connects noted from your account.


Overall, Connects are an important part of the Upwork system. Connects offer freelancers a chance to bid on relevant projects and also help manage the total cost associated with each project.

This ensures that freelancers can get paid properly while ensuring that clients get quality work at a reasonable price.

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