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Small business operators and freelancers may struggle due to competition. With proper communication, they can manage relationships and boost revenue. WhatsApp has proved to be an essential communication tool for freelancers and small businesses. It lets them stay ahead in a business environment that is driven by technology. The platform is flexible and features several capabilities. Leveraging its features can increase output for people managing micro companies. It simplifies corporate processes making it stand out strongly among the many instant messaging apps. WhatsApp developers recently added fresh tech that will make doing business in the freelance and small business fields more productive.


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WhatsApp Business platform

WhatsApp Business is a platform that was designed specifically for the business community. The app lets freelancers and small-entrepreneurs manage their accounts. It allows automated replies and sending ads beyond the contact lists. Users can create catalogs and turn them into sales through marketing. Here is an overview of what small entrepreneurs can do with the platform.

  • Setup a freelancer/enterprise profile
  • Generate messaging stats
  • Create a visual product list
  • Reply to messages automatically
  • Segment contacts through labels

The latest tech developments by WhatsApp were embraced by most operators in the small and medium investment worlds. Although it was a welcome technology by the sector, scammers on WhatsApp saw an opportunity to exploit them. They send WhatsApp scams to freelancers pretending it is genuine freelance earning opportunities. Chat WhatsApp text messages are common. With billions of messages shared everyday across the world, it is the reason why WhatsApp scams are becoming so common. One of the ways to detect scams is when people request users to verify card numbers or accounts. If such instances happen, the best way out is to ignore them and block the contacts.

WhatsApp Group Video Calls

This is another technology that resonates with independent contractors, freelancers, and small enterprises. These are businesses that require real-time teamwork. The video calls allow groups to gather online and engage in productive conversations. It is a time-saving feature that eliminates the necessity for external video conference platforms. The app saves costs for small enterprises since using it is free. It can connect up to 32 people in one meeting.

WhatsApp Business API/ Chatbots

If you are desirous to know how WhatsApp works technically WhatsApp API can help you understand. It is a strong yet sophisticated feature that helps automate connections. The app automates everything including tasks, replies, and queries. It keeps audiences engaged almost like a human assistant would do.

It may necessitate integrating with external tools. Regardless, it enables small enterprises to expand their interactions. The feature allows scaling as the enterprise expands to accommodate wider audiences. The app can be integrated with several other messaging apps to make the interactions better.

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WhatsApp Payments

Small enterprises process many types of payments from individuals and corporations. They make payments for products and work teams. The goal of WhatsApp Payments is to allow small entrepreneurs and freelancers to make and receive secure payments. The app lets them create and send invoices and get paid within the WhatsApp infrastructure. It is a trending technology that was developed to streamline enterprises’ payment workflows.

Broadcast lists

WhatsApp created the broadcasting technology to offer customized interactions. It eliminates the need for keeping track of specific messages. It is a useful tech that allows small companies to distribute notifications. Freelancers can use it for business promotion or sending personalized reminders and updates. It helps keep audiences interested in the enterprise products without bombarding them with unsolicited messages.

WhatsApp Web

If you are not sure what WhatsApp is used for other than text chats, the web is an excellent example. The app lets users view contacts and communication on a browser. It is a quite helpful feature for independent contractors and small entrepreneurs who stay for prolonged periods on their computers. Instead of stopping working on the computer to check the phone, this app lets users switch across the two devices right on their desktops.

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status allows freelancers and small enterprises to share texts and documents or multimedia. They can use the app to announce upcoming projects or products. They can share milestones and request their audiences to celebrate with them.

It is a unique platform for requesting feedback from remote teams and customers. It allows sharing of useful tips and resources. Freelancers or small companies planning to announce promotions will find this technology useful. Freelance designers may find it useful for sharing concepts for reviews.


In recent times, WhatsApp has developed into a complex app designed for businesses. It offers several tools and platforms that go beyond its traditional messaging feature. The new technologies are important for freelancers and small enterprises. They help them improve communication and make processes simple. Micro entrepreneurs and freelancers need to remain aware of the traits of the new tech on the platform. Incorporating them into their businesses can help them stand out and flourish.

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