How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games
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Making money by playing video games is a dream for many gamers, and in 2023 this dream could become reality.

With the explosion of online gaming and streaming platforms such as Twitch, more and more players are finding ways to monetize their game-playing hobby.

Here are seven ways that you can make money playing video games in 2023.

Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games


If you’re skilled at a particular game and have patience when it comes to teaching others, then coaching may be the perfect way for you to make some cash from your gaming habits.

You could offer one-on-one sessions or group classes, either in person or through video linkups such as Skype.

Plus, plenty of sites out there already exist to match coaches with learners – all you need to do is sign up!


Many developers are seeking gamers willing to play-test their upcoming titles before they launch and report back with any bugs or issues they find during the playthrough.

This kind of role requires excellent attention to detail, but if you’re accepted into one of these programs then you could make a few dollars while enjoying some free advance copies of new games.


As well as play-testing titles before launch, software companies often hire people on contract basis to test out their products once they’ve gone live.

Your job would be similar to that of an online customer service representative – except your office would be the comfort of your own home (and potentially even your couch).

Streaming on Twitch

Streaming your gameplay on Twitch provides an excellent opportunity for those looking to make money playing video games consistently over time – and with enough viewers, it can really pay off too!

All you need is a good quality microphone and webcam (as well as some high-end recording software) and you’ll be able to generate revenue through subscriptions and donations from viewers who enjoy watching your streams.

Starting a YouTube Channel

Much like streaming on Twitch, setting up a YouTube channel takes commitment but can also provide income opportunities provided there’s an audience willing to watch your videos regularly.

Building an audience should always come first when considering starting a YouTube channel around gaming content.

Focus on walkthroughs, reviews or funny clips – if people find value in what you create then monetization won’t be far behind (just remember YouTube’s Partner Program policies).

Selling Assets

Designers often require high quality game assets for use in projects – such as textures, 3D models or animations – so if creating them is something that interests you then there’s definitely potential here for making money from it too.

Just keep in mind that depending on how popular the asset becomes (and what sort of license it has), there may be some copyright infringement issues down the line.

Make sure to research this carefully before taking on any commissions!

Merchandise Sales

If you’ve built up quite an audience through streaming or creating YouTube videos about gaming then selling merchandise related to the content can be another great way to monetize it further still.

Whether you focus on branded t-shirts with catchy slogans or even keychains featuring characters from popular games, there is money to be made.

Whatever works best for your brand will depend entirely upon your target demographic (so do market research!).

Final Thoughts

No matter which route appeals most – whether its streaming on Twitch or designing assets for sale, making money from playing video games has never been easier than it will be in 2023.

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