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Fiverr is an online marketplace connecting freelancers around the world with folks looking for help with specific projects.

In this list, we will be sharing with you some Fiverr gigs centered around animation that we recommend.

Whether you are looking for 2D, 3D, or GIF creation, these gigs can help you get started.

1. aqeel8

aqeel8 fiver user

Aqeel8 represents a motion graphics agency based in Pakistan. This user has a notable clientele from previous projects including Apple, Google and Amazon.

When you big a gig with aqeel8 on Fiverr, your deliverable is cleared for unlimited commercial use. In addition, revisions are included should any changes be needed upon delivery.

aqeel8’s bio 

“Hi! I’m Aqeel Khalid. I have completed 8000+ projects here on Fiverr, and I’m operating a digital agency providing a wide range of services locally as well.

I have over six years of experience in motion graphics. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank You!”

aqeel8’s pricing 

Aqeel8’s pricing starts at $10 for a 1-day turnaround of animating your current logo with sound effects and custom colors. 

2. daisyjasmeen

daisyjasmeen on fiverr

daisyjasmeen specializes in 2d animated marketing videos for small businesses. 2D animation is the practice of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds

daisyjasmeen’s bio

“Hi there, I am an artist in making 2D animated explainer, whiteboard and Kinetic typography videos. I will bring your idea into reality by adding my creativity and magic.”

daisyjasmeen’s pricing

Daisy charges $40 for a full animated video that includes script writing, 30 seconds of running time, and product imagery. 

3. theunknown0000

theunknown0000 on fiverr

I hired ccutting’s gig to edit some web copy on the fly and  used her 12-hour rush option. Chrissy delivered as promised and didn’t miss a beat! You can depend on her to deliver quality work. Don’t trust me? Check out the 7,000+ reviews on her gig.

theunknown0000’s bio 

“I have been doing video production and video editing for over a decade. Over the years, I’ve developed an incredible talent and skill in these endeavors.

With ongoing shifts in technology and online trends, I’ve developed a specialized background in custom GIF animation, as well. In addition to video editing I also create GIFs and stickers for social media, banners, websites, email services, and more.

I strive to impress my clients, so my work is always top notch. You won’t be disappointed in the results, if you choose to hire me for your project”

theunknown0000’s pricing 

This Fiverr user offers you a custom animated gif sticker for $35 with a 2-day turnaround. This gig includes seamless loop, full color and custom design.

4. bleszen

bleszen fiverr

If you are looking to spruce up your logo and animate it for YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Bleszen specializes in logo animation. His fees are reasonable, at $25/video.

bleszen’s bio 

“Welcome to my profile! My name is Bleszen . I am a Motion Graphic designer who specializes in Custom Logo Animation.

I especially enjoy creating professional Custom Logo Animations and brand identities. Please leave me a message if you have any questions. Thanks:)”

bleszen’s pricing 

Bleszen’s gigs start at $25 which gets you a custom professional animation for your logo. If you’re looking for the full package, the price is $60 and includes all of the optional add-ons.

5. lauraf_graphics

lauraf_graphics fiverr

Lauraf_graphics focuses less on logo animation but more on cartoon character development. Laura is an illustrator based in Germany who is Level 2 on Fiverr (highly trusted). 

lauraf_graphics’s bio 

“My name is Laura Faraci, and I am an Italian freelance illustrator and animator based in Stuttgart.

Raised on bread and Photoshop, I decided to take up the study of Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano, during which I also explored the themes of gender and communication.

After graduating with a Master Degree, I have worked for three years on multimedia contents for exhibitions and immersive environments. I currently work as a digital illustrator and animator.”

lauraf_graphics’s pricing 

Laura’s gigs start at $120 which includes a short animation (up to 10 seconds) with 1 character and 1 main action. Her premium package is $1,600 and includes 2 minutes of running time, 1 character, and up to 20 actions.

Final Notes

Fiverr is the ultimate source for getting assistance with a motion graphics or animation project.

Whether you want to animate your logo, create a cartoon, or do something entirely different, we hope you find this list helpful on your journey. 🙂

Log in to Fiverr to get started working with your next animation specialist.

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