How to Make Word Art on Canva

how to make word art on canva
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As a freelancer, I love Canva for its design tools. With Canva’s platform, I can quickly make beautiful visuals for my clients and myself with minimal effort.

Canva is equipped with a wide selection of templates that make it easy to customize designs to fit any project. Plus, the platform offers features like image cropping and resizing so I don’t have to manually do those tasks on another program.

All in all, Canva is a powerful tool that provides me with everything I need to produce visually appealing content in no time.

Making Word Art on Canva

There are a couple ways I like to make word art on Canva. I will take you through two of my favorite ways I like to go about this.

Option 1. The "Ground-Up" approach

With the ground-up approach, I start with a simple text box as a foundation. From there, I sort through the options of fonts, sizing, color, and effects, in order to create custom word art.

In the example below, I started with a simple text box. Then, I selected the Shrikhand font and increased the font size to 70pt. From there, I give the color a nice blue (#2c3b89) then add the Splice effect.

I wrap up my masterpiece with a fun background color (#d7efc1).

how to make word art on canva

Option 2. The "Template" approach

This approach starts with the design first. To browse the font designs, I select the Text menu option on the left bar.

From there, I scroll down below the text bar area and see a ton of fun design templates to choose from.

Once I find a design I want to use, I select the design to bring on to my canvas. From there, I double-click the text area to switch the words.

Here is an example of word art on Canva created with the Template approach.

canva word art example


I hope you found these methods for making word art on Canva to be helpful. Both methods will work, but each method comes with its own benefit. 

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