How Much Does Figma Cost?

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Figma is a vector-based design platform that can be accessed online, on desktop and on your mobile device.

The platform is used by over 3 million designers and developers around the world to collaborate on creating digital products, such as user interfaces for websites, prototypes and more.

How Much Does Figma Cost?

How much does Figma cost?

Figma provides three subscription plans: Starter, Professional, Organization and Enterprise.

All plans come with unlimited storage and unlimited projects.


The Starter plan is free of charge and allows individuals to create an unlimited number of projects with up to two editors per project.

This plan includes basic features such as collaborative editing, version history, commenting tools, sharing options and integration with other apps like Slack.


The Professional plan costs $12/user/month when billed annually or $15/user/month when billed monthly.

This plan unlocks unlimited editors per project along with advanced features such as being able to present designs via live link, run layers styles in bulk edit mode, export assets automatically and access Figma libraries.


The Organization plan costs $45/user/month when billed annually or $54/user/month when billed monthly.

This plan adds additional collaboration features including Teams Organizations (multiple teams within one organization), Team Libraries (private libraries shared by teams) and customer support from Figma’s experts.

This plan also includes all the features from the Professional plan.


Finally there is the Enterprise plan which costs $75/user/month when billed annually.

This plan includes all the features from both the Professional plan and the Organization plan but adds:

  • enterprise-level security features
  • private cloud hosting for additional security measures
  • customer success teams available 24/7

Final Thoughts

Figma is a feature-heavy design platform that works well for teams looking for collaboration tools to create digital products from start to finish.

The Starter plan provides basic collaboration features at no cost while the other plans provide different levels of advanced features.

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