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ClickCease is a web-based click fraud prevention software system that helps online advertisers protect their Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns from malicious and fraudulent clicks.

How to login to ClickCease

To log in to ClickCease, click the button above.

Enter your email address and password into the designated fields, then click on the “Log In” button.

If you signed up via Facebook or Google, you will sign up with the selected method.

Types of ClickCease login options

  • Email/Password Login – The traditional login method.
  • Google Sign-In – Must sign in to your Google account on your browser.
  • Microsoft Sign-In – Must sign in to your Microsoft account on your browser.
  • Facebook Sign-In – Must sign in to your Facebook account on your browser.

Capabilities of ClickCease

ClickCease is capable of a wide array of features designed to help protect your online campaigns from click fraud.

The app delivers a wide set of tools to battle malicious and fraudulent clicks, from real-time detection, automated clicks blocking, IP address tracking, and advanced analytics.

With ClickCease, you can monitor suspicious behavior in multiple search engines and geographies.

You can also create customized account filters to detect anomalous activity in specific campaigns or ad groups. 

ClickCease provides detailed reporting and analysis to help you better understand the nature and extent of your click fraud problem.

With the powerful web interface, ClickCease allows you to efficiently analyze data points such as IP addresses and user agents in order to identify potential threats before they become a financial liability for advertisers.

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