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The purpose of this article is to provide you with a detailed Fiverr review from the perspective of a buyer.

My first order for a Fiverr gig was placed in December, 2020. Since then, I have ordered 300 gigs and have spent $11,480.41.

As a buyer on Fiverr, when I first started I wondered, “Is Fiverr legit?”

I have had positive and negative experiences. The majority of my experiences have been great.

Many of the bad experiences could have been avoided by reading a review like this. 

We will dissect the platform based on my personal experiences.

The gig categories I have ordered include:

Fiverr review for buyers, introduction image

About Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that helps freelancers connect to individuals or businesses.

The company was formed in 2010 out of Tel Aviv-Yago, Israel. Since then, the company has grown to nearly 800 employees and achieved $298m in revenue in 2021. (source)

Fiverr has an array of services to help users navigate the platform easily. In the Graphics & Design category, there are 48 subcategories to choose from with services like logo design, NFT art, and brand style guides.

Fiverr has been able to set itself apart from competitors by positioning itself as the low-cost freelance marketplace.

On most gigs, the “Basic” package will start at $5.

Fiverr basic gig example

Fiverr Products

Fiverr has unveiled products aside from the primary platform including the Logo Maker and Fiverr Business.

Fiverr Logo Maker


For the impatient entrepreneur who needs a brand new logo in 15 mins, enter the Fiverr Logo Maker. The product takes the user through a seamless 3-step process:

Step 1: Add your brand name & slogan
Step 2: Select your industry and elements to include
Step 3: Define your brand’s personality

You will then be able to see hundreds of variations to choose from. Each design can be modified with different colors, sizes, etc.

Once a logo is selected, there are three packages to choose from ranging from $30-$90 that include different add-ons like SVG source files, brand style guidelines, and more.

Fiverr Business

fiverr business

Launched in 2020, Fiverr Business aims to help teams navigate the platform collectively.

Fiverr Business offers teams the ability to create projects, set freelance budgets, and hire freelancers. This product creates a more suitable alternative for mid-corporate sized entities to use Fiverr in a collaborative setting.

To get started with Fiverr Business, follow these steps:

Step 1: Follow the link below and input your email / general details.

Step 2: Tell Fiverr about your business

Step 3: Enjoy!

Fiverr Benefits

From the perspective of a US-based buyer, the biggest benefit of Fiverr is being able to outsource work efficiently.

With Fiverr being a global platform, a business in the United States can save loads of money by outsourcing projects to experts in other countries.

To share an example, here is a price breakdown of logo design in the United States versus in India. Sources: (US, India)

Logo designers in US vs India

Fiverr also allows freelancers to create add-ons to meet the buyers needs. Some popular add-ons are extra-fast delivery, increased file types, and additional revisions. Add-ons have been a huge benefit for myself when dealing with projects on strict timelines.

Another benefit of choosing Fiverr to hire freelancers is the middle-man element. If there are any issues with an order, Fiverr has made it simple to resolve problems. If disputes are not settled, customer support can come to the rescue and mediate the situation.

Fiverr Expert Tips

The Review System – Fiverr has a review system in place for vetting sellers (and buyers!) Use this to your advantage when selecting your gigs. If the project needs to be done quickly and perfectly, the best route will be finding a user with tons of 5-star reviews and repeat customers with similar projects to yours.

Newer Sellers – Another way to leverage the review system is by finding lower prices when hiring from newer sellers. Remember, a freelancer may have 10+ years experience in their field but be new to the platform. Newer users generally price gigs low in the beginning to gain traction / reviews for their gigs.

Badges – Be on the lookout for “Pro Verified” badges on user profiles. These users have been hand-picked and verified by Fiverr for quality and service.

Filters are Your Friend – Use filters to your advantage when searching for the best freelancer for your project. When I need to find a writer for a US-based blog, I only want to work with a writer based in the United States because they are most likely to understand writing tones and US cultural norms the best. The filters can be used to narrow down searches by language, country, budget, and delivery time.

Fiverr Categories

One of the aspects about Fiverr that I personally enjoy most is the wide variety of service categories to choose from. These are the main categories on Fiverr.

Graphics & Design

Fiverr graphics & design category menu dropdown

The Fiverr categories begin with Graphics & Design, which holds the most subcategories on the menu.

The Logo & Brand Identity section will contain all gigs necessary for helping you turn your concept into a visual reality. This category includes brand style guides, fonts & typography, and business card design. 

The Gaming section will be the area to go for streamers looking to boost their brand identity on Twitch. 

The Art & Illustration section contains a variety of options from NFT art to tattoo design. Looking for help creating an avatar or character? This will be your go-to section.

The Web & App Design section is the area to explore when seeking assistance on the design of your website. You will find gigs that are builder specific to the platform of your choosing (Wix, SquareSpace, etc.).

The Marketing Design section contains gigs to help with social media design, email design, and similar verticals. Visit this subcategory to find help with building your MailChimp newsletter or Facebook page banner.

The Packaging & Covers section will carry the gigs for your print design needs. Looking to deck out your new Tesla with some flames? This section includes its own Car Wraps category to turn your dream into a reality.

The Visual Design area will have your professional needs covered. Here you can find somebody to assist you with sprucing up a Resume or that presentation that is coming up.

The Architecture & Building Design gigs will be filled with the CAD junkies ready to help with your next project. This section includes gigs for landscape design, building information modeling, and more.

The Fashion & Jewelry section will be filled with experts to help with fashion design and jewelry design.

The Print Design will contain gigs that focus on brand swag design from t-shirts to brochures.

The Miscellaneous section will be where you can find the Fiverr Logo Maker Tool and gigs for general design advice from experts.

Digital Marketing

Fiverr category digital marketing dropdown menu

The Digital Marketing category will offer you every form of digital marketing under the sun.

Looking for help with getting your press release picked up from news outlets? Check out the Public Relations gigs.

Trying to find micro-influencers for a social media campaign? Visit the Influencer Marketing category.

Want to get your website optimized for Google? The Search Engine Optimization category will have the gig for you.

Writing & Translation

Fiverr category writing & translation menu

I never imagined the amount of different types of writing existed until I visited the Fiverr Writing & Translation menu. 

I have had the personal opportunity of checking out the Articles & Blog Posts gigs, the Scriptwriting gigs, and the Website Content gigs.

The majority of my experiences have been fantastic, and I have been able to work with some truly talented writers who I would have never connected with if it weren’t for Fiverr.

Video & Animation

Fiverr Video & Animation dropdown menu options

With the fast rise of video-sharing app TikTok and a good chunk of Google search results focusing on video, it’s no surprise Fiverr offers an entire category on video-related gigs. 

Use this section to navigate all of the video gigs from NFT Animation to Music Videos.

Music & Audio

Fiverr music & audio menu dropdown

Directly after the video section will contain all of your sound needs in the Music & Audio menu.

Fiverr connects you with tons of talented audio specialists and sound engineers ready to help with your next project. 

Programming & Tech

fiverr programming & tech menu dropdown

Are you trying to build a mobile app for your brand? Or maybe you are looking to develop an NFT. 

Find the top programming talent in the Programming & Tech section on Fiverr. Experts are ready to help with all developmental projects from converting files to data processing.


Fiverr business dropdown menu

The Fiverr Business dropdown menu includes many services that could be considered Operational.

Use the Fiverr Business category to find a VA, legal consulting, or financial consulting.


fiverr lifestyle menu dropdown

Last but not least, we present the Fiverr Lifestyle menu. Here you will find a group of services that didn’t fit well in the previous sections. Explore unique gigs like psychic readings, cooking lessons, and collectibles.

Fiverr Seller Levels

Outside of special badges previously mentioned, there are four standard levels to consider when determining which gig to order.

New Seller – This freelancer is brand-spanking new to Fiverr.

Do not be discouraged. A logo designer may have 30 years of direct experience and just may be new to the platform.

These sellers are my favorite to find. Why? You can expect quality deliverables, low prices, and the opportunity to be helpful towards a seller’s Fiverr growth.

Finding these sellers can be time consuming, but a good place to start is reading profiles and looking for past experience details that can be vetted on your own.

If you are not willing to put in this additional time doing due diligence, it’s best to work with higher-tiered sellers.

Level 1 Seller – These users have been active on the platform a minimum of 60 days. They have earned $400+ on Fiverr.

Orders have been at least 90% delivered on time, with an average review rating of 4.7/5 minimum. Level 1 sellers are great to work with provided you proceed with caution.

Level 2 Seller – These users have completed at least 50 orders. Level 2 sellers have earned $2,000+ on the platform, and have received no warnings in the last 30 days. I have personally had a 100% positive experience rate working with level 2 sellers.

Top Rated Seller – These users have put in the work to be classified as top rated. You can count on these sellers to deliver fantastic work.

Top rated sellers have been active on Fiverr a minimum of 180 days. They have completed over 100 orders, and have earned over $20,000.

Working with a top rated seller may be more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

How to Order a Gig on Fiverr

We will now walk you through the process of what it’s like to order a gig on Fiverr. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up before taking these additional steps.

Step 1. Choose a Gig

Once you have signed up, it is now time to find your first gig. Use the search bar and the filters to narrow down your search. 

In this example, I add “logo” into the search bar, and set my budget to $5 with the logo option set to “minimalist”. 

Fiverr narrows down my search to 44,839 different gigs.

How to order a gig on fiverr

Step 2. Select a Package

After choosing a gig, you will choose which package is most fitting for your needs. In this example, b4graphics offers a $5 package, a $40 package, and a $110 package.

Generally speaking, the more expensive packages offer more deliverables. Once you know which package to get, select Continue.

How to order a gig on fiverr; step 2. select a package

Step 3. Select Extra Services (Optional)

Once you select your package, you will be brought to the first page of the checkout process. This page provides order details and offers extras to add for your project. 

Once you are ready to move forward, select Continue to Checkout.

How to order a gig on Fiverr; Step 3

Step 4. Confirm & Pay

On this step, you will choose how you would like to pay for the gig. Gigs can be purchased with debit cards, credit cards, or through PayPal.

If you add a card, Fiverr will allow you to save the card details for faster checkout on future gigs.

Once your payment method has been added, select Confirm & Pay.

Order a gig on Fiverr step 6

Step 5. Submit Requirements

On this page, you will provide all the necessary details for the seller to provide you with your deliverable. In this example, I have ordered a logo. The seller is requesting details of the brand name, the business, and any possible tag lines or slogans.

Once all of these details are entered, select Start Order at the bottom of the screen.

how to order a gig on fiverr step 5

Step 6: Monitor Gig Progress

Now that you have submitted the requirements, your job is complete. You will be taken to your “Order” page, which will be your hub for managing this particular order. There are four tabs on this page with various details.

Activity – This area will provide the timeline of events throughout the process. There is also an area to message the seller about the gig in case you need to reach them or vice versa. 

Details – This area will highlight the specific deliverables coming your way.

Requirements – This area will highlight the requirements you had submitted in the previous step.

Delivery – This area will have the delivery once complete. 

How to order a gig on fiverr step 6

Is Fiverr Legit?

Fiver is a 100% legit site for both sellers and buyers. Fiverr is a publicly traded company and maintains a solid reputation online.

Fiverr Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fiverr be trusted? 

100%. Fiver is a publicly traded company with nearly 1,000 employees. Although their customer support gets mixed reviews, Fiverr is an extremely trustworthy platform.

Is working on Fiverr worth it?

Given the number of users on Fiverr who are looking for freelance services, working on Fiverr is absolutely worth it. You can make real money on Fiverr. Read how this writer makes thousands of dollars a month writing on Fiverr.

Why are people on Fiverr so cheap? 

Since freelancers are given the option to create different packages within a gig, freelancers are able to offer micro-packages for $5. It’s not that people on Fiverr are cheaper than other sites, but rather freelancers frequently offer tiny service offerings.

Does Fiverr take a cut from buyers and sellers?

Fiverr takes a cut from buyers and sellers. These service fees are the primary sources of income for the company.

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