How Do You Combine Two Products in Shopify?

How to combine two products in Shopify
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Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce website builder designed to make selling products online easy and streamlined.

The platform allows you to create a professional online store with secure payment processing, customizable design templates, inventory tracking, shipping integrations, and more.

With Shopify, you can easily set up an online shop and start selling online fast.

While building your Shopify site, there may be instances when you want to combine two products in your inventory.

You may have the same shirt in different sizes or colors and want to create variants. Or, you may want to create packages that contain multiple products.

In this article, I will answer how you can combine two products in Shopify.

Adding Product Options on Shopify

How to combine two products in Shopify

Product options on Shopify are used to customize products and create multiple variations of the same product.

This can include adding different colors, sizes, materials, designs, etc.

To get to the product options in Shopify, you will need to select a product from the Products tab in the admin panel.

After selecting a product, there will be an option labeled “Options”.

This is where you can add product options such as size, color and material.

By adding product options, customers can select from each option which creates a different version of the product. For example, if you are selling t-shirts with size and color options, you can set up two different options: Size and Color.

Customers will then be able to select their desired size and color variant when adding an item to their cart.

Adding Product Kits on Shopify

Product Kits on Shopify are bundles of multiple products that can be sold together as a package.

This allows merchants to group related items together and offer them to customers at one convenient price.

Product Kits are ideal for creating promotional offers or giving customers multiple options for a single purchase.

Once you’ve created your product options and variants on Shopify, it’s time to get to Product Kits.

To access the Product Kits page, you will need to select the Products tab in the admin panel and scroll down to the Product Kits section.

When setting up a Product Kit on Shopify, you will need to add the items that you want included and their respective quantities.

You then have the option to assign a specific price to the kit or offer it with a discount.

Once you’ve set up your Product Kit, customers will be able to purchase the entire kit at once, as opposed to selecting each product and quantity individually.

Adding Product Bundles on Shopify

Product Bundles are similar to Product Kits in that they group multiple products together. However, with Product Bundles, customers are able to choose individual items and the quantity of each item within the bundle.

To get started with creating a product bundle on Shopify, you will need to select “Product Bundles” from the Products tab in the admin panel. You’ll then be able to select which products you want to include in your bundle and their respective quantities.

Product bundles are a great way to offer customers more options when purchasing multiple items. Customers can customize their purchase by selecting different items and quantities within the bundle, rather than buying each item separately.


Shopify allows you to combine two products in various ways, such as adding product options and product kits or bundles.

With product options, customers can select from different variants such as size and color when ordering an item.

Product Kits and Bundles are ideal for creating promotional offers or offering multiple items at one convenient price.

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