What Are GoDaddy Default Nameservers?

what are godaddy default nameservers
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GoDaddy is one of the world’s leading domain registrars, offering customers a variety of services related to domain name registration.

One of these services is nameservers, which allow visitors from around the world to access websites hosted by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Default Nameservers

what are godaddy default nameservers

The default nameserver for a standard GoDaddy domain is NS07.domaincontrol.com and NS08.domaincontrol.com.

These two servers are located across multiple data centers, with each providing redundant DNS hosting and allowing for faster resolution times from anywhere in the world.

Both DNS servers contain the same information and are fully synchronized, so customers don’t have to worry about discrepancies between them.

Additional Nameservers

In addition to the standard nameservers, GoDaddy also offers two additional nameservers called Pro Managed DNS and Advanced DNS Management.

The Pro Managed DNS is a highly reliable and secure option that includes more advanced features such as geo-targeting, performance monitoring, email forwarding, and even an improved security protocol against malicious attacks or data theft.

For customers who need more control over their domain’s infrastructure, Advanced DNS Management lets them manage resource records with greater granularity and flexibility than ever before.

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of website a customer needs hosted through GoDaddy, they can be sure that their domains will have reliable access thanks to its default or customizable nameservers options.

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