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Are you looking for the best URL and link shorteners to make your links more shareable on social media?

I’ve rounded up some of the most popular URL link shorteners  that are both free and paid.

Shortened URLs are great for sharing long links over social media, email, or SMS as they make it easier for others to open them quickly.

Here’s a list of some of my URL and link shortening tools to consider.

Recommended URL Link Shorteners of 2023 [Free and Paid]


One of the most popular free-to-use link shorteners is Bitly, which allows users to shorten, customize, and track links online.

It has many analytics features that can help you understand how your links are performing.


Rebrandly is another popular link shortening tool that offers advanced features like branded URLs and custom tracking domains.

Rebrandly also has a free plan, making it a great option for individuals or small businesses on a budget. is the official URL and link shortener of Hootsuite, making it perfect for social media marketers who use the platform to manage their accounts.

It’s free to use and provides detailed analytics so users can track performance over time.


TinyURL has been around since 2002, making it one of the oldest link shorteners still in operation today.

While its feature set is limited, it’s one of the most reliable options out there.


T2M is a powerful link shortening tool that allows users to create custom branded URLs and track performance with its analytics platform.

It also offers an API for developers who want to integrate the service into their apps or websites.


Polr is an open-source URL and link shorter that you can host on your own server.

This makes it perfect for companies who don’t want to rely on third-party services for data privacy reasons.


Replug is a paid service designed for influencers and marketers who want to track the performance of their links over time.

It offers detailed analytics, branded URLs, and even A/B testing capabilities.


BL.INK is a paid service that allows users to create custom shortlinks with their own branding and track performance over time using detailed analytics.

It’s perfect for companies who want to make sure their links stand out from the crowd.

What is the Point of Shortening a URL?

The point of shortening a URL is to make it easier to share and access online.

Short links are much easier to remember and type into the browser window, especially when they include memorable words or phrases.

They also take up less space than long links, making them perfect for sharing over social media, email, or SMS.

Furthermore, shortened URLs can help keep track of how many people click on your link and from where they’re clicking it from, giving you valuable insights into your marketing campaigns.

Shortened URLs also look cleaner and more professional, as opposed to long and confusing links that can be difficult for users to understand.

By using a branded link shortener like Rebrandly or BL.INK, you can create custom shortlinks that feature your company’s name or logo in them.

This will increase brand awareness as well as providing users with an easy way to recognize your content at a glance.

Final Thoughts

No matter what type of URL or link shortener you need, one of these tools should have something to offer you.

Each one specializes in different features so it’s important to do your research before settling on one service or another. Good luck!

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