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Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that has grown tremendously over the last few years.

On the site, users can hire freelancers of all specialties to help assist with short-term and long-term projects. 

Although there are a large number of services you can find help with on the website, voiceover Fiverr gigs are extremely popular with people looking to add voice audio to videos.

There are tons of talented and affordable voiceover artists working on Fiverr.

In this list, I offer you a list of my favorite voiceover gigs.

1. linneas88

best fiverr voiceover gigs

By a landslide, one of our favorite voice over gigs on Fiverr is from linneas88. She has worked with some of the largest brands from coffee-giant Starbucks to tech sensations Twitter & Glassdoor. Why work with linneas88? She has delivered over 50,000 gigs and has a 5-star perfect rating!

linneas88’s bio 

“Professional voice over artist! I’ve done voiceover for national commercials, cartoons, smartphone apps, online courses, and small projects. **I deliver within 48 hours of your order. Please request a quote anytime!**”

linneas88’s pricing 

Linneas88 makes her pricing simple by charging $10 per 100 words. Once you determine how many words you would like her to record, view her extras to see if you would like to add any modifications. These include 1 day delivery for $30, commercial rights for $20, and background music for $15.

2. vomatt

vomatt voiceover artist fiverr

Vomatt’s voice over gig on Fiverr starts at only $25/100 words and promises a 2 day turnaround. Many people have ordered his gigs, with nearly 7,500 5-star reviews at time of writing. 

vomatt’s bio 

Full-time voice over guy in California and living the dream in my professional studio! I’ll listen to your instruction & tailor a recording to fit YOUR specific needs.

I’ve worked with companies like Disney, Coors, Ford, Staples, The NFL, Walmart, HP, American Express, Hilton, UnderArmour, and thousands of other happy clients. I’d like to work with you next no matter the project size. My voice has a guy-next-door feel that can range from professional to casual and everywhere in-between.

vomatt’s pricing 

When placing an order with vomatt, you will first want to know how many words you need him to voice. He charges $25 per 100 words. Then, select any add-ons necessary. These include split files for $25, signed NDA for $25, and breath removal for $15.

3. violetbuttercup

I was very satisfied with the gig I ordered with violetbuttercup. She offers a versatile voice and has an incredible amount of experience that includes book trailer work for a New York Times Best Seller book. 

violetbuttercup’s bio 

“I’m Ashton Amo. I have over 20 years experience as an actress and 9 as a voice talent. Over 6000+ 5 Star reviews.

You can hear my versatile voice in the video game “Arcana – Sands of Destiny” as the voice of Leila. In many explainer videos and IVRs.

The trainer for Johnny Rockets and the announcer for Georgetown Marketplace. I voiced the book trailer for the New York Times Best Selling Book: Friends Forever.”

violetbuttercup’s pricing 

Violetbuttercup charges $20 for 125 words with a 2-day turnaround for a HQ wav format file.

She also offers script proofreading for $5, additional revisions (1 day) for $5, and background music for $15.

violetbuttercup fiverr

4. deevoice

deevoice fiverr

Deevoice is a voice over artist who I knew had to be on the list. He’s worked with Lowe’s. He’s worked with Microsoft. And now, he can work with you. Just look at his profile picture. Look at the pink tie. This guy does a great job with anything he sets his mind to.

deevoice’s bio 

“Hi! I’m Dee, an award-winning voice over artist and presenter. Order with confidence!

I provide excellent customer service with years of broadcast and corporate communications experience. My work is trusted by clients such as Disney, Starbucks, Microsoft, Toyota, and Lowe’s! Ordering from my gigs is easy.

I’ve prepared helpful questions to walk you through the process. If you have any further questions, feel free to message me!

I deliver broadcast-quality voiceovers for commercials, corporate narration, eLearning, training, explainer, YouTube, promotional videos, voicemail & IVR, and more.”

deevoice’s pricing 

Deevoice charges $25 per 100 words with a 2 day delivery time. He offers a ton of add-ons which include National rights for $200, 12 hour delivery for $65, and live direction for $50.

5. jontcoleman

jontcoleman fiverr

My favorite part about working with jontcoleman is his ability to turnaround a project in 24 hours.

That’s right, for an additional $45 you can order your gig to be delivered the very next day.

This user has experience with YouTube Videos, TV Commercials and many more channels.

jontcoleman’s bio 

“Buy from me with confidence as one of the highest rated VO sellers on Fiverr! I’m trusted by clients like IMAX, Audible, Chrysler, Uber, Kickstarter, and thousands more!

I got my start in Manhattan, New York City at Edge Studio over 12 years ago. I’ve since worked with countless companies, brands, and products to give them voice. I’d love to work for you, today 🙂”

jontcoleman’s pricing 

Jontcoleman charges $45 per 100 words with 5 days delivery. You can get commercial rights for $85, background music for $75, and split files for $55.

Final Notes

Fiverr is a wonderful platform for finding a voiceover artist at a reasonable price.

No matter what type of project you are looking for, there are tons of great voice experts to choose from. 

I hope you found this list to be useful with finding the most suitable voiceover artist for your next project!

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