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If you’re a creator, you’ve probably heard of Patreon. But what is it, and is Patreon worth using?

In this post, we’ll take a look at the background of Patreon and its business model, as well as some reviews from creators who use it.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself if Patreon is right for you.

Patreon review

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an online platform that allows people to make money from their creative works and projects.

The site provides a means for creators to monetize their content or offer exclusive rewards to supporters in exchange for donations.

Creators set up a “patronage page” where members, referred to as “patrons,” can pledge monthly support ranging from $1 to higher amounts.

If a patron’s patronage meets the threshold the creator sets, they receive access to exclusive content and rewards such as gated videos and early access to digital downloads.

By becoming a patron of an artist or creator, patrons help sustain the running of their business and support their career directly.

Patreon Pricing Model

patreon pricing model

As a creator, Patreon offers 3 pricing tiers to choose from. The Lite plan, which is the most basic, caters to newcomers who are interested in testing out the website. 

The Lite plan takes 5% of the monthly income earned on Patreon and offers a hosted creator page, communication tools and Patreon workshops.

The Pro plan, which takes 8% of your monthly Patreon earnings, allows the creator more tools. These include analytics & insights, unlimited app integrations and priority customer support. 

The Premium plan takes 12% of your monthly Patreon earnings. This plan includes everything in Pro, plus a dedicated manager, merch for membership, and team accounts.

Pros & Cons

Patreon is designed to enable people to make a living from creative work. Its goal is to help creators build a successful career and monetize their creations without the need for major external investments or sponsorships.

While this is certainly an attractive proposition to many aspiring creators, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of using Patreon when deciding if it’s the right choice.

On one hand, Patreon provides various methods of support for creators, such as subscription offers, “thank you gifts” with each payment, plus detailed analytics and data-driven insights.

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages that potential users should be aware of such as higher fees than those found on other platforms and the requirement for a third-party account for payments to take place.

In addition, there are some unfavorable reviews around the web from patrons having issues getting refunds, poor customer support, and other common problems.

Being informed about both sides of the argument can help make your decision much more straightforward.

Is Patreon Worth It?

Is Patreon worth it? It seems that with the vast selection of features and incentives offered, Patreon is a legitimate platform for both content creators and consumers.

Content creators on Patreon can monetize their content, offering exclusive rewards to patrons in exchange for payments.

By supporting their favorite artists and creators through patronage, consumers get a personal connection with the artist – something traditional payment methods do not offer.

Ultimately, both content creators and consumers alike are sure to find value in the Patreon experience.

Patreon provides an opportunity worth exploring if you’re interested in either creating or consuming content.

The Verdict

Over the years, Patreon has established itself as one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms for up-and-coming artists and creatives.

With a wide range of features and payment options, it provides users with easy access to engage with their fans while monetizing their work.

Additionally, its security measures and customer service team have been praised as quick and helpful (for creators.)

While there are some limitations, my overall verdict is that Patreon offers a reliable and convenient platform for creators who are looking to monetize their online presence.

Patreon Creator Reviews

Lindsay HCreator
Read More
Patreon treats its content creators very well I feel and the creators get to ask for donations to help them with creating more content and maintaining their channels on Patreon. I feel like Pateron puts content creators in the drivers seat when it comes to controlling what they choose to produce compared to other platforms which are not as friendly to content creators of which I won't mention.
Brittany W
Brittany WCEO
Read More
Patreon is an awesome way to connect with your customers and make them feel like they're part of a special community. We've done so many great things through Patreon - book clubs, special Zoom events, discount codes. With Patreon, it's easy to really foster a great connection!!
Anita L
Anita LDirector
Read More
Our colleagues have energized together to bring a portion of their best imaginative plans to the table. Patreon's capacity to for all intents and purposes interface our specialists with other people who are aesthetically and cooperatively disapproved has just helped our development procedure. Furthermore, when we've had any issues, the site's care staff has dependably been inconceivably useful. Straight-forward, open, and a twisted towards tolerance, their client administration has been a noteworthy reward.
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