How does Fiverr Make Money?

How does Fiverr make money?
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Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers can connect with buyers to offer their services.

It is one of the leading global freelancing platforms, and it makes money by charging a service fee for each transaction or project that takes place.

The website was founded in 2010 and its mission was to make it easy for people to find freelance services at an affordable price.

Fiverr has grown into one of the most popular platforms for freelancers and buyers alike.

How does Fiverr Make Money?

Fiverr makes money from a number of revenue streams on the website. These revenue streams include the Fiverr logo maker, fees to sellers, fees to buyers, and the Fiverr revenue card.

Fiverr Logo Maker

How does Fiverr make money?

Fiverr Logo Maker is an easy to use logo design software that helps users create custom logos in minutes. 

The logo maker features a variety of professionally designed templates and editable elements, allowing users to customize their logo with just a few clicks.

The software is optimized for both web and print use, giving users the ability to create custom logos for any purpose. Fiverr charges a fee for each logo created using its software.

Fees to Sellers

In Fiverr’s payment terms (updated August, 2022), Fiverr states that they take 20% of all earnings from ordered Fiverr gigs.

This means when a seller gets a sale, 80% of earnings are kept and 20% of earnings are given to Fiverr. This is one of the main revenue streams for Fiverr.

Fees to Buyers

In addition to fees for sellers, Fiverr also collects revenue from the buyer when gigs are ordered. As of March, 2021, the fee for purchasing a gig on Fiverr is 5.5% of the gig price.

For purchases under $50, a fee of $2 is attached.

Fiverr Revenue Card

The Fiverr Revenue Card is a card offered to sellers to withdraw funds easier and faster than other methods. Although this card incurs less fees than other popular withdrawal methods like PayPal, there are small fees attached to using the card. 

This makes the Fiverr Revenue Card an additional way for Fiverr to make money.


In short, Fiverr makes money through a variety of revenue streams. The primary way Fiverr makes money is by taking 20% of earnings from sellers on each gig. In addition, Fiverr makes money through buyers fees and their Revenue Card.

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