How to Highlight Text in Canva

How to highlight text in Canva
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If you have any experience using Canva, you know how powerful this platform can be when it comes to designing graphics on the fly. 

Whether you are running with the paid version or the free version, the Canva platform offers a seemingly limitless amount of options to modify your designs.

Highlighting text can be important in a design to emphasize specific portions of your message. I’m going to show you how I highlight text in Canva quickly and easily.

How to Highlight Text in Canva

The first thing we will do is create a design that has our text in it. I’m going to pull a template in with some font I like to streamline the process.

Step 1. highlighting text

This theme can be found by searching “Blue Simple Daily Motivation Poster.” The font is called Angelina and I have spaced out the lines to ensure the text I’m going to highlight is isolated.

Now that we have the template, it’s time to start highlighting. For this message, I want to highlight the middle line.

Go to Elements in the left menu and select a shape you want for the highlighted background area. I have selected a simple square.

Step 2 - highlighting text

Now I’m going to adjust the dimensions of the square by dragging the sides so the shape surrounds the area I want to highlight.

Once this is complete, I’m going to right-click the shape and press Send Backward.

Step 3 - highlight text

Now that I have the shape behind the text, and the shape surrounds the text to my liking, I will wrap up with changing the color. 

Some popular color codes for highlighting text include Red (#FF0000), Purple (#990099), and Yellow (#FFFF00), but Indigo works well too.

Once this is complete, we have our finished product.

How to highlight text in Canva


I hope you found this method for highlighting text in Canva to be useful.

Although some of these platforms can seem daunting at first, some practice and time have helped me to feel much more comfortable with my Canva design skills.

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