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10 of our favorite blogs for freelancers
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As a freelancer, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest news and tips to stay on top of your skills.

Being a freelancer could mean writing, design, SEO, PPC, or a variety of other skills. Regardless, freelancers all share a common ground as independent workers separated from the typical 9-5 corporate track. 

With the vast amount of information on the internet, there are many blogs that are focused specifically for freelancers to read. Here are 10 blogs for freelancers that I like to stay updated through. 

These blogs provide great advice on everything from time management to pricing your services. So whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or you’ve been working freelance for years, be sure to check out these great resources!

Freelance Faucet

Freelancing Blogs

Freelance Faucet was created by an experienced freelancer, for freelancers to be able to stay informed on the latest tips and tricks in the industry.

The freelancing blog was founded by Jamie Hejna, a longtime freelancer focused on web design & paid ad services. 

Be sure to bookmark this site to never miss a new post. Some of our favorites are How to Optimize your Google Business Profile and Making Money Writing on Fiverr.

Millo freelancing website

Millo is an inspiring freelancing blog passionate about freedom, ambition and autonomy.

Millo gives freelancers the tools and confidence to succeed, encouraging them to pursue their dreams through financial security management and practical advice.

Millo also provides a platform to connect with other freelancers, allowing them to share ideas, strategies and successes with each other in order to achieve success.

This site is quickly becoming an invaluable resource for freelance entrepreneurs and those wanting to learn more about taking control of their career paths.


FreeUp freelancing blog

FreeUp is an amazing resource for freelancers and entrepreneurs wanting to take control of their businesses.

FreeUp’s blog offers great advice, tips, and tricks from industry experts and experienced professionals teaching you the latest trends in the freelance world.

This blog also provides strategies for managing your finances, boosting motivation, and growing your business.

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, FreeUp is a invaluable resource for furthering your career. 


Huntlancer blog

Huntlancer is an incredibly valuable resource for freelance bloggers and content creators.

At Huntlancer, you can find thousands of projects posted by global brands, start-ups, marketing firms, and publishers.

With Huntlancer’s selection of jobs and flexible bidding system, you can easily pick the project that best meets your needs while also helping to boost your earning potential. 

In addition to these services, Huntlancer maintains a fantastic blog with relevant and useful content. 

One of our favorite posts on their blog is What Makes a Great Beginner-Level Freelance Portfolio.

Elna Cain

Elna Cain freelancing blog

Elna Cain’s freelance blog is a great resource for freelancers looking to hone their craft and grow their business.

Elna offers plenty of useful advice on topics such as budgeting, marketing, pitching clients and staying organized that helps freelancers take their careers to the next level.

Elna also interviews successful freelancers who share valuable lessons to help guide others who are just getting started with freelancing.

Elna’s blog is must-read for anyone interested in learning more about freelance career development and is a great resource for those already working as freelancers and looking for guidance to upgrade their business skills.

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy freelancing blog

Let me start by saying this dude is an absolute crusher in the freelance blogging space.

Adam takes the time to personally curate ideas from entrepreneurs, professionals and experienced freelancers who have excelled in the field.

He provides insightful tips and strategies on how to market yourself as a freelancer, maximize your income potential and stand out from the crowd.

Adam is passionate about helping others become successful in their freelance pursuits and his blog has become an important reference point for many looking to build a lucrative career on their own terms.

Enfroy is truly a rising star in the freelance industry and his blog is an essential read for anyone seeking a better understanding of what it takes to flourish within today’s competitive landscape.

Keith Rainz

Keith Rainz freelancing blog

Keith Rainz, an independent creative freelancer, has created a blog with the same name to showcase his work and tips on being successful as a freelancer.

Keith’s blog captures the unique experiences and skills gained from working around the world in many diverse industries. Keith offers perspective, advice, and personal insight into topics such as branding, marketing, design, strategy and personal finance.

This blog is especially valuable for freelancers looking to enhance their careers, or those interested in starting a freelance career of their own.

Keith’s plethora of useful experience can help guide people along their journey no matter what stage they are in!

Freelance Work Guide Blog

Freelance Work Guide Blog

Freelance Work Guide Blog provides comprehensive tips, ideas, and advice about the freelance industry, so that you can confidently make informed decisions on your freelance journey.

From negotiating payments to setting up your digital presence to exploring different avenues of income, Freelance Work Guide Blog covers it all in an easily consumable format.

The blog posts are written in a conversational style by experienced freelancers who understand the nuances of the industry, so you can trust its accuracy and remain up-to-date with changes in the market

Ashley Gainer

Ashley Gainer’s blog is an informative resource for freelancers looking to strengthen their digital marketing or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Ashley provides a wealth of knowledge, packed in simple and easy-to-read language, on topics ranging from photography to content marketing.

Ashley’s blog even offers helpful guidance with career development, walking readers through the steps to build an online presence while maintaining one’s passion.

Ashley knows these topics inside out, delivering useful ideas that help entrepreneurs level-up their work and create impactful projects.


Kikolani is an fantastic freelancing blog to learn everything from digital marketing strategy development to blogging.

The blog, created by Kristi Hines, a freelance writer and marketer, features highly relevant content related to industry best practices.

Kikolani also offers an in-depth knowledge base on how to create and market your own blog, optimize website content and increase lead generation.

The blog provides numerous digital marketing tools to help drive more conversions such as hosting deals, WordPress plugins and free digital marketing resources.

Kikolani is truly a special resource for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to find tips and tactics that will help their businesses grow quickly.

I hope you were able to find value out of this list as you look for resources to help you along the way on your journey. 

If you have a freelancing blog and would like to be added to this list, feel free to reach out to me and I will get you added. 

Be sure to bookmark this post as I plan on updating regularly. 🙂

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