Does ClickCease Work With Microsoft Ads?

Clickcease for microsoft ads
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ClickCease is an automated click fraud detection and prevention solution that works with PPC ad campaigns.

The tool detects fraudulent clicks on your ads, allowing you to save money by stopping these malicious activities from happening.

ClickCease helps you identify fake clicks and suspicious activities in real-time, so that you can block them immediately and prevent them from affecting your campaigns.

Microsoft Ads is a platform that allows businesses to place ads on the Microsoft Search Network, consisting of Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. This platform helps businesses reach potential customers who are actively searching for relevant products or services.

Like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads provides similar comprehensive targeting options and detailed analytics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.

Is ClickCease Compatible with Microsoft Ads?

Although ClickCease does not automatically prevent click fraud through Microsoft Ads, you can set up ClickCease to detect fraudulent clicks and manually enter the IPs into your negative IP list on Microsoft.

Through this method, you can expect advanced protection for all the various types of advertising campaigns available through Microsoft including search ads, display ads, shopping ads, dynamic search ads and video ads.

Does ClickCease Work With Microsoft Ads

How to Set Up ClickCease to Detect Fraudulent Clicks From Microsoft Ads Visitors

To set up ClickCease to detect fraudulent clicks from your Microsoft Ads campaigns, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the ClickCease Tracking Code on all landing pages associated with your website. This HTML tracking code will enable you to accurately track metrics such as clicks and conversions. This tracking code is necessary in order for ClickCease to detect click fraud from Microsoft Ads.
  2. Make sure your Microsoft Ads are set to Auto Tag. You can enable this by going to All Campaigns > Settings > Account Level Options > Auto Tagging > Enable Add UTM Tags to my destination URLs.
  3. Select Add Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) to URLs to allow conversion tracking checkbox.


Once you complete these steps, ClickCease will start detecting fraudulent traffic from Microsoft Ads. Once an IP is added, you will simply move from ClickCease into Microsoft Ads.

If you are using Google Ads as well, you can also move any negative IPs from Google to your Microsoft Ads campaigns.


ClickCease is an automated click fraud detection and prevention solution that helps you identify fake clicks and suspicious activities in real-time.

ClickCease can be used to protect your campaigns on the Microsoft Ads platform, although it does not provide automatic prevention like it does for Google Ads campaigns. You will need to take a few additional steps.

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