Best Fiverr Gigs To Earn Money

best Fiverr gigs to earn money as a freelancer
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Fiverr has became THE place for new and established freelancers and even professionals to make and remake their careers as self-funded and self-promoted pros in their own fields.

Fiverr is also the number one freelancer marketplace, with independent pros and businesses reaching out to freelancers of skill and merit to handle the extra or special work that crosses their path.

A meeting place of minds and talent, it’s a perfect place for someone who wants to start making money with a skill who can’t wait for their resumes to get read. 

For young pros, or pros returning to their old scene, Fiverr has opportunities for everyone.

The Gigs are listed in ever-expanding categories which have come to include every kind of work opportunity that exists online.

Here is a list of the best gigs to start on Fiverr for people brand new to their respective field, or for established workers to expand their business opportunities on their own time.

best Fiverr gigs to earn money as a freelancer

Table of Contents

Content Writing Gigs on Fiverr

Anyone who has a website for a product or service, or just a website for information depends partly on the traffic that website generates. And one way to generate that traffic is writing content.

Content Writers specialize in providing articles or blog posts for websites which utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content to maximize the exposure of the website.

Maybe you have a LEGO blog and want to write about the biggest LEGO sets, these gigs can help you get that accomplished.

Writers work with user instructions and intent to deliver great quality articles. If you can write a college essay, you can probably do this. 

Resume & Cover Letter Writing Gigs on Fiverr

A good resume is the first step to being accepted into a job. The standards for resumes keep getting higher and higher.

For the young and inexperienced, they need a resume that looks outstanding without highlighting their lack of work.

For those returning to the job market, they need a way to bring the highlights of their professional life to the forefront.

If you know what makes a resume stand out and reach the top of a stack of applicants, you can put that skill to use designing and writing killer resumes and cover letters for companies you won’t even need to work for.

Proofreading Gigs on Fiverr

Spell check doesn’t catch everything. The human fingers can sometimes type faster than what the mind can read.

Typos are a thing for nearly every profession that uses word processing, and even exist in fully produced products and publications.

The best way to prevent that is with a proofreader.

Proofreading requires a thorough understanding of the language and knowing what is and isn’t right based on more than just how it looks.

It just takes time and patience to go over every word twice, once to make sure it’s correct, and again to make sure it’s the right word to use.

Product Description Gigs on Fiverr

If you’ve ever seen a product on a website and thought that it could be a bit more wordy, more precise, you may have an eye for product descriptions.

One part copywriting and one part informational review, a product description defines the exact qualities and aspects of an item for sale.

Product description gigs rely on originality as well as research driven understanding of an available product so that it can be clearly and effectively defined to those who wish to buy it.

Email Marketing Gigs on Fiverr

Believe it or not, those sales and spam emails you get are being sent out because they, occasionally, work.

Well written email copywriting can lead to returns or, at the very least, investigation and engagement with content.

Email marketing is more directly related to sales than purely informational content writing.

You need to be selling the product or service as if it were yours to an anonymous batch of people, or subscribers of that product who want more information.

Social Media Marketing Gigs on Fiverr

Email is the first method of contact for business, but there’s a new way people do business on the web, and that’s through social media.

Marketing in the “Internet’s Town Square” of mass online social media requires an ability to draw attention without being dismissed or debased.

Writing engagements for other companies on their social media pages helps them free up time to engage with other business aspects and makes them seem more alive and “in person” than they would as just another business.

If you’ve generated any buzz online, you can lend that hand to someone else. 

Marketing Consulting Gigs on Fiverr

For more seasoned professionals in the marketing sphere, there are thousands and thousands of businesses on the internet that you might never get the chance to see.

And that’s the problem you can help them solve. Independent and self-made business owners login to Fiverr for all sorts of solutions to their ongoing problems.

Someone good at running an online store might not be hip to marketing strategies.

If you are, you can pitch them ideas and provide breakdowns of strategies that can help boost their presence online and sales on their platform of choice.

Logo Design Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a place for all forms of talent, from writing to art. Any startup or soon-to-be public entity needs a recognizable brand to go along with their future success. Logo design incorporates business acumen with graphic design.

You’ll need to have a thorough understanding of existing logos within a competing space, the lines of where parody becomes theft, and how to fully explore the idea a person wants in just a glance worth of information.

It’s putting 1,000 words of sales and representation into a picture.

Don’t just lean on these graphic designers for logos either.

Whether you need print assets, or help with determining the best tattoo inks for your next piece, these designers are capable of turning your vision into reality.

Book Cover Design Gigs on Fiverr

Similar to logos, but in a bigger format. Many people write their own books, but lack the steady hand to create the art that can help sell it.

People do judge books by their covers, and authors want their books judged well as fast as possible.

Designing a book cover requires artistic skill, editing capabilities, knowledge of formats and knowledge of genres as well as a full suite of artistic liberty.

This gig type can cover any kind of book cover, from educational or biographical to the weird and surreal kinds of fiction, or just exciting genre trips that want to show their most exciting aspects to draw people into their world.

Infographic Design Gigs on Fiverr

You can spend many pages defining and describing how information interacts in a mathematically sound way. Or you can put it in a graph with labels and do the same thing with a single picture.

Designing infographics requires a knowledge on research and understanding of the basic principles of how data interacts, and then you just need to put it all into an understandable array of information.

This pairs well with article writing or ebooks that need some extra assets to up their quality. 

Photoshop Editing Gigs on Fiverr

Photoshop is the most popular image editing software, but it’s not for everyone. Some people still rely on MSPaint to do touchups or image editing. Those people need help.

If you know the ins and outs, the shortcuts and shorthand for all the Photoshop tools and toolbars, you have a skill that can be put to great use.

Photoshop editors are usually given pictures with instructions on what to cut or how to make it look, or what to add in to create a new and unique piece of content.

You may be asked to combine materials for anything from marketing to personal digital scrapbooking for maximum appeal.

Video Editing Gigs on Fiverr

Static images are an art of their own. Making them move in sequence to a frame rate is a technical feat. Videos are a prime form of content, and with smartphone cameras continuing to advance and improve, they are easier to make than every.

But just recording a video file does not make good content. It needs to be cut down, retimed, and edited together to form a proper piece of content. 

Quality videos are a premium desire for fledging entrepreneurs and influencers, and until they learn how to work a timeline and layer audio, they’ll need reliable video editors to make quick, and high quality, returns.

Bonus: If you need a voice over artist for your next video editing project, check out our article on our favorite voice over gigs on Fiverr.

Video Tutorial Gigs on Fiverr

If you have a desire to teach, and the equipment to do so, you may be interested in making video tutorials.

These tutorials may be on anything, but you don’t need a warehouse full of props on hand to handle any request.

Video tutorials can be done on request as a presenter rather than a direct instructor and intercut with existing footage.

Or, Whiteboard Animations can be done. These remain a popular method of delivering information, where graphics are “drawn on” the screen in sequence along with narration.

A video can even be a narrated sequence of stills sourced from professional outlets on the internet which go through the steps necessary to complete a given piece of work.

If you can teach it, you can show it.

Website Development Gigs on Fiverr

Anyone looking to make a living on the internet needs a place online to do it. Their own privately operated and maintained web site.

Website building has come a long way, and takes a lot more knowledge and effort than many burgeoning business-minded people have.

They can’t learn and do it all, so you can step in and do some groundwork first. If you have skills and knowledge with coding web pages, you can do that for people.

Fix up, maintain and renovate existing web work or make it yourself for someone else. 

WordPress Development Gigs on Fiverr

WordPress is an easy to use and cheap way to start up a web-based business.

It allows for all kinds of content and features many templates that can help adjust users to running their own web page.

WordPress developers can be a lifesaver for more complex websites. For instance, maybe you have a restaurant equipment e-commerce site with thousands of products. That’s a huge asset to maintain on the back-end.

But even at this simplified level, some people will still seek out some assistance from those who already know what to do.

WordPress is easy to learn, hard to master, but worth it as a skill for those in need of a website at a conservative price. 

E-Commerce Setup Gigs on Fiverr

Amazon sells everything to everyone, but only if you know how to work their website structure. Same with Shopify and other E-Commerce brands. They have their own methods of setting up and running a shop. For inexperienced, but funded and passionate sellers, this can be a hurdle that stops them from opening their business for real.

If you know how to set up shop pages, you can sell your service as a specialist for that platform and help people create E-Commerce websites or product pages for what they sell. The rest of the business will be up to them.

Web Design Gigs on Fiverr

Web design, in general, takes precedence before any other sort of implementation.

A website should be unique, but also have a shared user experience that is simple and straightforward.

There are many compromises a website owner has to make between their ideal vision and what’s possible, or practical, for their website.

Designing web pages or web interfaces is a skill that even web developers may need to rely on others to master.

Like a good building, a good websites starts with a blueprint, with comprehensive instructions and steps to make it look and run exactly as planned.

Virtual Assistant Gigs on Fiverr

Everyone needs a little helping hand to help them remember their plans or their schedules or just update them on the daily happenings that they tend to ignore when they’re head-down in work. A virtual assistant is one such timekeeper who can be hired to make regular checkins or updates to help keep someone on track.

Virtual Assistants can take and manage messages, emails and phone calls, and can even help coordinate client gifts. Fiverr recently introduced a “subscription” model allowing automatic repayments for gigs, like a regular recurring paycheck. It’s perfect for a job like this, giving regularity to a gig that gives regularity to someone’s work life.

Transcription Gigs on Fiverr

Transcribing audio is a tricky business. You need to listen carefully and type what you hear, as you hear it, and that’s not always simple. You also need to be able to parse accents, work through mixed grammar, stutters, sidetracks and filler words to produce a comprehensive script of what was said.

And you need good hearing to do it. Fiverr clients will have all kinds of different audio setups and ranges, some may not be the best. Transcription takes patience and a steady hand-ear coordination, and as a skill, it pays well.

Data Entry Gigs on Fiverr

Entering data is one of the most basic introductory pieces of work that can be done as a freelancer.

You’re given a set of data, usually unorganized or raw, and are tasked with giving it order. It seems simple – and it is – but it’s very time consuming work that demands a degree of knowledge to get everything just right.

The good thing is, data entry is one of the most requested forms of freelance work.

If you’re just starting out on Fiverr, open one of these gigs to give it a try, and pause or close it when you’ve found something else you truly enjoy doing.

Podcast Writing Gigs on Fiverr

You ever wonder where podcasters get all their ideas? Well they could get them from you. Many podcasts are thought of as unscripted hang-out sessions where two people just talk about stuff.

For the most part they are, but there is actually some order even to the most chaotic of modern self-made talkshows.

They need a structure of what to talk about, some facts and research to sound like they know what they’re talking about, and some podcasts are fully scripted start to finish, bordering on being a new take on radio dramas.

If you like listening to podcasts, maybe you know what people would like to hear best.

Video On Demand Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr was one of the places where old stars of Vine moved to in order to carry on their funny video schtick before TikTok became a thing.

There still is a presence of these old and new meme-makers on the platform, who will make (almost) any video you want in a style of their own.

All you need is a camera, a voice, and maybe a gimmick. You could speak for commercials, product reviews, interviews – anything.

Fiction Ghostwriting Gigs on Fiverr

Some people can write 500 words of an essay with the same energy and dedication it takes them to write 10,000 words of fantastical fiction.

Creative writing can be put to use as a ghostwriter, someone who writes stories and novels for others based on their ideas and input.

Fiction writing is a talent separate from nonfiction, it uses colorful, leading language to put images and ideas in a reader’s head to entertain and captivate them in a new, interesting world.

If you like writing for writing sake, put yourself out there and see how many books you can create.

Tarot Reading Gigs on Fiverr

Yes, even Tarot Reading is on Fiverr. You can get your spiritual health and future read through the cards, presented in a video or held during a live Zoom-call seance.

People want answers to the mysteries of life. If you are skilled, or just well versed, in Tarot readings, there is a space on Fiverr for that. It’s a service, and there is a demand. That’s just how wide and wild the Freelancer space is.

Gaming Gigs on Fiverr

You don’t have to be a pro competitor to get paid to play games.

You don’t even have to be Markiplier. For some people in this world, you just have to be there. Fiverr recently opened up the option for Gaming as a category, and the approach differs for many.

Some offer coaching tips for players, or high ranking players will team up to help carry new accounts or struggling survivors through a game of their choice.

But some people just want a friend, someone to play with and fall back on and enjoy time in a game together for a while. Even gaming skills have a marketplace, and so do social skills. 

Python Coding Gigs on Fiverr

Python, along with many other coding languages, has a significant presence on Fiverr. If you are well versed with coding in Python, join the other Python developers on Fiverr who are making money with their coding skills. 

Some gig examples in this category include web automation, Zoho integrations, and python scripting. 

NFT Gigs on Fiverr

NFT’s really began to take off in 2021 when Beeple’s art piece was sold for $69,000,000 in the form of an NFT.

Since then, the NFT market has certainly been turbulent. With that said, a new string of services have opened up for freelancers to offer assistance with customers looking to develop NFTs.

Services include artwork creation, smart contract creation, and minting website development.

Online Coding Gigs on Fiverr

With more and more people hoping to land jobs in tech, there is a big market for experienced coders to teach others how to code.

Examples of gigs in this field include leetcode lessons, python training, and iOS swift app development training. 

If you have experience with any of these specialties, there is an increasing demand for assistance.

Final Thoughts

One of the most beautiful parts of the internet is the potential to find so many profitable services to offer.

We hope you found this list to be useful on your journey to find the best Fiverr gigs. We firmly believe you can not go wrong with any of these options. 

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