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alternative search engines - Startpage
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There’s no denying that Google is the top dog when it comes to search engines. But what if you’re looking for an alternative?

Whether you’re fed up with Google’s policies or you’re just looking for something different, there are plenty of other options out there. 

To add a visual component to this piece, I’ve decided to how search engine results from each site for “martial arts”, which is actually one of the most searched keywords.

Here are 6 great search engines to use as alternatives to Google.


alternative search engines - Startpage

Web browsers are an essential part of our daily lives and it is important to choose one that suits our needs best, while also providing us with the greatest privacy.

Startpage is described as “the world’s most private search engine” due to its commitment to keeping user data 100% secure.

Startpage uses proxy technology to complete searches without recording user IP addresses or logging personal data in any form.

Every page displayed through Startpage’s browser has been tested for safety so users never have to worry about a dangerous link hijacking their session.

This makes Startpage perfect for those who value their privacy and want assurance that their data isn’t being tracked without consent.

If you don’t have privacy concerns to worry about, you can still benefit from using Startpage. It has all the same features and functions as other popular browsers yet runs faster, requires less RAM and is easier on your battery life – making it ideal for those who need quick access on the move.

Whether you’re worried about online security or simply looking for a fast, accessible browser – Startpage may be the perfect solution.


duckduckgo google alternative search engine

DuckDuckGo is an incredibly popular search engine that offers users a variety of features beyond the plain Google search.

The site does not save or track user data meaning that users can remain anonymous. Not only is DuckDuckGo better for personal privacy than a traditional search engine, its advanced technology also guarantees more accurate results.

Duckduckgo has algorithms which prioritize site reliability, promising to filter out low quality or malicious content from searches. 

DuckDuckGo is increasingly taking on the role of a comprehensive hub – its collaboration with Apple means that answers found through searching are now easily accessible via iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

As Duckduckgo continues to develop, its recognition and strengths as an innovative technology stand in contrast to some larger companies’ disregard for user privacy.


For the environmentally conscious, searching the internet with Ecosia is a great option.

The search engine functions much like any other, except that it will plant a tree every time you search with them.

It’s even easy to monitor your impact as each user has their own profile page where they can see how many trees have been planted as a result of their searches.

By using this innovative search engine you can feel good about doing your bit for the environment, and make an impact alongside millions of other users who have together planted over 100 million trees so far.

Ecosia not only cares about planting trees, but also protecting them by joining forces with numerous local organisations who work on reforestation initiatives all around the world.

Proceeds from advertisements are donated to tree-planting projects, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any deals or discounts when using the platform.


qwant search engine - google alternative

Qwant is an innovative search engine that presents a refreshing alternative to Google and other browsers.

Qwant does not save user data or track activity, giving users unparalleled privacy and freedom of expression on the web.

With Qwant you can find the answers to your queries quickly and securely thanks to its streamlined search results page, which allows users to balance the size of their blocks of content and view tailored results in each category.

This way you can get a better overview of what’s out there in the web, so you don’t have to scroll endlessly through multiple pages before you can find what you need.

With its customer-first attitude, Qwant aims to be more than just a search engine.

By equipping users with modern tools and secure algorithms, Qwant provides an experience that ensures privacy without sacrificing any of the features we expect from our browsers today.

In doing so, it is paving the way for limitless possibilities in navigating the online world.

Ultimately, Qwant is revolutionizing the online experience by providing people with a platform that puts their safety first while still delivering robust search capabilities across multiple categories.

With Qwant as your companion on your cyber adventure, you can rest assured that your data and browsing habits will stay safe and secure.


searx search engine

Okay, the search results may seem a bit… light. But hear me out.

Unlike traditional search engines that prioritize results based on ads, Searx is completely free to use and will not track your internet activity.

Instead, it works by collecting results from popular providers like DuckDuckGo and Yahoo, then blending them together into one page for easy viewing.

From there, you can filter search results with tabs according to language or topic such as news, images, or videos.

This helps to ensure your searches are more tailored towards your specific interests and needs.

Additional features include anonymous searches where no personal information is stored and advanced search parameters so you can fine-tune your query even further.


Swisscows boasts an innovative approach to searching that doesn’t require any personal information.

Here, the results are fetched directly from the source material without diving into any databases first.

This means that no records are kept of your individual searches or your identity as you peruse the web.

What this also means is that all content is scanned again each time you make an inquiry, as frequently as every other day with some websites, meaning that you can always count on accurate results and up-to-date findings.

Swisscows also employs special filters to ensure that searchers don’t stumble onto sites with malicious content or adult material — making it perfect for parents looking for safe browsing options for their children.

Choosing the Right Option

With a variety of alternative search engines out there, choosing the right option will come down to understanding the benefits of each. 

Be sure to take some of these search engines for a spin and see what you think about them.

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