What Is Additional Revision in Fiverr?

fiverr additional revisions
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Revisions are an integral part of the process of ordering creative services. They provide an opportunity for clients to review and make changes to the work created in order to ensure that it meets their desired outcome. By allowing for revisions, clients can provide feedback as the project progresses, giving them a level of control that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Additional revisions are important with creative projects because the client and the creative will both have alternating visions that need to be consolidated.

On Fiverr, additional revisions are available in a couple of ways when working with freelancers.

I will walk you through these different additional revision types below and show you how additional revisions work in Fiverr.

Types of additional revisions

types of fiverr additional revisions

The first way additional revisions can be competed is when a freelancer delivers an order. Once you receive your delivery, you are given 72 hours to either a) accept the delivery or b) provide a reason you are not ready for delivery yet. 

If you select not ready for delivery, you will be given a few options to select from:

  • I still need revisions
  • I received a partial delivery
  • I’m dissatisfied with the quality
  • I didn’t receive anything

By selecting I still need revisions, you should be able to communicate with the freelancer about the revisions you would like. 

If the 72 hours passes, the order will be automatically marked completed and additional revisions will be more difficult to receive.

The second type of additional revisions on Fiverr will occur while placing the order. 

For some services, freelancers will determine an upcharge amount for additional revisions. This is because there are some projects where customers can easily go overboard during the revision process. 

Freelancers see this occur often with logo design projects. If the customer goes back and forth many times with the freelancer, the scope of work becomes much greater.

Typically, if the revision is minor, you can get away with it for free after the order is delivered. However, if you are ordering a project that you expect to go back and forth quite a bit, it may make sense to pay the extra money for the revisions.

Fiverr additional revisions

Pricing for additional revisions

The price to add an additional revision to your gig will depend on the freelancer. For the most part, I have found the range of $5-$10 per revision to be most common. 

If you are comfortable with negotiating, you can message the user to request additional revisions without the additional charge.

If you try this method, check to see how many gigs the user has in their queue. Usually, I have found users with no orders in their queue to be more willing to negotiate. A freelancer with several orders pending is already busy and may not be open to the idea.

Are additional revisions worth it?

When placing orders on Fiverr, additional revisions are worth using. Creative jobs often require minor adjustments, and the additional revisions are very helpful to have. 

As I mentioned earlier, delivered orders are marked complete after 72 hours. Make sure to turn on email notifications and stay on top of pending orders in case you do need revisions to the delivered order. Once the order is marked complete, it will be more difficult to get a hold of the freelancer and get your revision.

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