6 Top Websites for Freelance Translators to Find Jobs

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Websites for Freelance Translators

The translation industry is booming and there are many opportunities for freelance translators.

There are several benefits of freelance translating, including:

  1. Being your own boss
  2. Working from anywhere
  3. Choosing your rates
  4. Building your own business

Many freelancers have enjoyed being in charge of their schedules, working remotely, and choosing their own rates. In order to successfully translate on a freelance basis, you need to have consistent projects coming in.

There are many websites that offer translation jobs, with each site coming with its own set of benefits and flaws.

Here are six of my favorite websites for finding quality translation work.



TranslatorPub is a community of language professionals that connects translators, interpreters and linguists from all corners of the world.

The site provides a platform where members can collaborate and exchange resources, as well as provide tips on tools and job opportunities they’re interested in.

While the design and navigation of the site may not be immaculate, TranslatorPub attracts many people who are seeking assistance on translation projects.

Unlike other freelancing job sites, this is one of the few niche sites that strictly focuses on translation jobs.



Smartcat is a platform that helps freelance translators manage their workflow.

Smartcat is a comprehensive project management solution that assists with locating and connecting with vetted customers, so freelancers don’t have to waste time searching the internet for translation opportunities.

The site was created to simplify collaboration between teams and individuals, making it easier to intelligently manage projects from start to finish.

Smartcat offers a library of helpful tools such as secure file sharing, real-time translations, automated invoicing and payment tracking, smart contracts for protecting intellectual property rights, and more.

While the translator pool may feel saturated (Over 500,000 translators,) there are over 5,000 agencies actively hiring on Smartcat.

In other words, there isn’t a major imbalance between supply and demand.


Fiverr is an enormous online marketplace for freelancers where you can get jobs doing almost anything (even psychic readings).

As a translator, Fiverr has a great range of options for businesses who need language to be translated as quickly as possible.

While Fiverr is not exclusive to translation gigs, many translators have earned a killing from jobs found on the site.

The Fiverr user Brunovl offers an English to Spanish translation gig for $50/500 words. At the time of writing, he has accumulated over 700 reviews, and has 6 orders in the queue.

Overall, freelancing on Fiverr will give you an additional lead avenue while you are sourcing for new projects and clients.


Translatorscafe - Jobs for freelance translators

Translatorscafe is an essential platform for any translator looking to stay on top of their freelance game.

Translators of all skill levels can find all the resources they need to ensure success with translation services, employment opportunities, language-specific forums, and articles on trends in the language industry.

Whether you are freelance or affiliated with a larger agency, Translatorscafe should be a bookmarked destination when seeking out help in regards to all your translation needs.


Translatorsbase is a translation website where freelancers can acquire projects centered around translating deeds, presentations, tenancy agreements, and other items.

There will be new job openings every day from all around the world.

Filters are available to search for your specialty.

In addition to the job board, Translatorsbase also offers custom websites for translators to independently offer their skills.

This is a unique value add that I haven’t been able to find on any of the other sites.

Translatorsbase website


Smartling is a translation technology company dedicated to helping brands connect with their global markets.

With Smartling, businesses can easily access quality translation services and customize translated content to meet their individual needs.

Smartling’s comprehensive platform simplifies the translation process, allowing businesses to quickly and securely localize content, while ensuring they are meeting high-quality standards for their international audiences.

Smartling provides all the tools needed for companies to become truly global, including web localization services and support for a wide range of languages.


As a freelance translator, it is important to not put your eggs in one basket. I encourage you to make it a point to sign up for multiple sites to find jobs on.

Over time, you will find what works best and what doesn’t work as well. For all of these websites, signing up is simple and free.

Most of the fees are accrued when a job is accepted. Typically, a website will charge a service fee to the buyer, and a % of the sale from the seller.

If you’re just getting started as a freelance translator, I hope this list is helpful with understanding where you can start to land your first job.