Can You Make Superscript on Canva? [Answered]

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Canva is a popular graphic design platform that allows you to create all different types of visuals such as logos, posters, presentations, social media posts, documents and more.

Superscript is a type of typographic formatting that is used to raise a text or character above the normal line of text. It is often used for referencing footnotes, citations, and other such notations that appear in the body of a document. Superscript can also be used to indicate mathematical expressions, scientific notation, and certain abbreviations.

Can you make superscript in Canva?

If you are looking to make superscript in your Canva design, you are in luck. It is possible to add superscript in just a few easy steps.

How to make superscript on Canva


  1. Select Text on the left menu
  2. Add a Heading and Subheading to your design
  3. Turn off the bold on the Subheading text 
  4. Play around with the sizes of each text box until you are satisfied with the sizes
  5. Move the Subheading to the top-right of the heading text
  6. Select both text boxes and Group them both together
How to make superscript on Canva
Making superscript on canva step 2


Canva makes it easy to add superscript to your designs. Just follow the 6-step process above and you will be able to achieve this.

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